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A Tribute

This is the first blog post i've written so i'm dedicating it to our beloved and very much missed Border Terrier Whiskey. She died suddenly and unexpectedly on 23rd January this year, 3 months short of her 9th birthday which was on 23rd April, St. Georges Day. She was the inspiration for my handmade business and my daily companion, as I work from home. The range of patriotic, Made in Britain dog bandanas were created in honour of her birthdate. We had a portrait painted of her when she was 4 years old by pastel artist Liz Strachan who captured her perfectly, sat in her favourite place, Heaton Park, Prestwich, Manchester. We walked there daily and have seen it in all four seasons. The photograph of her in the BlueBell Woods is one of my favourites. She was my first ever pet at the age of 34 and she helped improve my long term health condition and stopped me from being isolated in our local community. She loved everyone we met and in turn they loved her. People who never met her also loved her too and we had over 5oo messages of condolence on social media when she died. Still struggling to come to terms with the fact that she's no longer with us, we do hope in time to be able to find her 'Apprentice'. She will remain in my shop and on my social media and I have no intention of erasing her from either as my business would not exist without her. I continue MisHelenEous in her memory. RIP Whiskey 23/04/06-23/01/15

Patriotic National Flag Dog Bandanas. Helen Rogers 2013.

In the spring woods, Heaton Park, Prestwich. Manchester

In the autum woods, St. Margarets, Heaton Park, Prestwich. Manchester

Portrait by Liz Strachan. Copyright 2010.

Liz Strachan's Portrait of Whiskey. Copyright Liz Strachan 2010
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