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Eurovision Song Contest & Etsy!

The Eurovision Song Contest has an unlikely link with my Etsy shop. This time in May 2014 whilst watching the Eurovision I received an email from Etsy Admin telling me my shop was one of those that had been chosen to appear in the first ever EtsyUK TV Advert, airing last summer. As you can imagine its a night i'll never forget! I was in the first year of self employment as a designer maker and it was a huge honour. Sadly due to the short notice and my health situation I was unable to attend the filming day in London, but you can watch the video here. Proud to be chosen and proud to be an Etsy seller and to be part of this wonderful creative, online, handmade community. In that time I have shipped my products to 25 different countries in 22 months from Manchester, England. I have a little Map of the World on the wall which I stick pins in whenever I claim a new Country. It makes me happy and keeps me motivated. Looking forward to this year's contest. Look out on social media, Twitter & Instagram for my 2 years in business, upcoming giveaway competition!

Watch the first ever EtsyUK TV Advert below!

Looking forward to this year's Eurovision Song Contest, I make National Flags dog Bandanas for dogs wanting to show their support for some of the countries entered. Ireland always do well, as do Sweden and The Netherlands, but my poor Whiskey's England bandana will probably always receive Nil Points at this event. Better save the St. George's design for the Football! Ahem.

National Flag Dog Bandanas by MisHelenEous, Helen Rogers 2013. Available at

Congratulations Sweden! Now we know that Sweden were the Eurovision 2015 winners and your pets can celebrate in Nordic style with a patriotic national Swedish flag, dog banndana from:

We like to feel we somehow contributed to Sweden's Eurovision 2015 win with our homage to Abba!

Eurovision60 celebrated in retro fashion, roll on next year's competition in Stockholm.

Eurovision Song Contest 2014
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