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Manchester Bee Company Collaboration

I'm Bee-lighted to announce a recent Crafty Collaboration with a fellow Small Business also based in Prestwich, Manchester. We started up within 2 months of each other in 2013 and as we both have dogs too, it was only a matter of time before we worked together! Anita or Neets, from The Manchester Bee Company approached me about making some Manchester Bee dog bandanas using her distinctive Mancunian business brand colours. You can see my 2 year old Border Terrier Heidi modelling them in the first image.

Crafty Collaboration

The second image shows Anita's own dogs, Pickles and Ziggy. Her wonderfully ginger coloured Hungarian Vizslas. They are wearing the Mancunian Mustard and Rain Grey, Manchester Bee dog bandanas in a Size Medium. Each design is available in sizes Small, Medium and Large and you can buy them online at The Manchester Bee Company shop: Or from Rob at BandVTrading who has a stall on Altrincham Market. So there are two ways to support your local Makers and Sellers. They are proving very popular already and my sewing machine is on warp speed at the moment!

The Hounds Of Love

Below is a Rouges Gallery of 'Style Hounds' about Town, in their new Manchester Bee Dog Bandanas. If you purchase one for your pet please share them with me or Neets on Instagram or Twitter @misheleneous & @manchesterbeeco And if you get one from Rob at @altymarket then please send him a picture at @bandvtrading We love to see them! This is Fabulous Frankie in his Rain Grey.

BandVTrading Altrincham Market

Next image courtesy of Customer Tim @timhewitt1 on Twitter or @timbooo1 on Instagram: Showing his very dapper do Dylan the Springer Spaniel looking the Bees Knees!

Springer Spaniel Looks the Bees Knees

Next Image courtesy of Kieron on Twitter @KJM_1984 in my favourite colour, the Rain Grey bandana. Orwell wears it well!

Orwell looking Or-Some!

Next Image courtesy of Rachel @moonhead75 on Instagram. I love this picture as Chopper is the same dog breed as Heidi and I'm biased!

Bee-autiful Border Terrier!

Next Image courtesy of a lovely local couple we both see in Heaton Park, Prestwich. This is Paddy the Wire Fox terrier and he couldn't look any merrier in his Bee-rilliant Stripes!

Paddy the Wire Fox Terrier

Next Image courtesy of Justin @JustiniusMaximo on Twitter. Oscar the Best in the Westie looks Buzzin in his new Bee bandnana!

Oscar the Best in the Westie!

Next Image is courtesy of @BandVtrading and it shows a very pretty Miniature Schnauzer called Darcey who visited Rob's stall on Altrincham Market this weekend. A Rain Grey dog in a Mancunian Mustard Bee bandana. Paw-fect Mancunian chic!

Dashing Darcey at Alty Market

Next Image courtesy of Jackie at @purplejackiem on Instagram, which shows her gorgeous dog Hamish strutting his Mutt stuff at Altrincham Market where he bought his highly weather appropriate Rain Grey Bee bandana from @BandVtrading this weekend!

Handsome Hamish at Altrincham Market

Next Image courtesy of Amy at @amy_flanagan5 on Instagram. Showing her dog in a Bee Stripes bandana, ready dressed for Mancunian walks!

Bee ready for Mancunian dog walks!

Next Image courtesy of Ceri Nicholls @_Bumblebe_ from Twitter. Her black dog Gucci looks stunning in a Rain Grey Bandana!

Gucci in Rain Grey

Next Image courtesy of BandVtrading on Altrincham market. Just look at this cute customer in a Bee Stripes Bandana. So eager to wear it the MisHelenEous aftercare labels are still attached!

Buzzin French Bulldog on Altrincham Market

Next Image courtesy of @BandVtrading on Instagram. This sunny little sausage is looking splendid in a mellow yellow bee bandana. The Mancunian Mustard is just paw-fect as the owner @doubletroublesausages is an ex-Manc!

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