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An Interview with Megan @Paw Print Photo!

Interview Questions

  • How did your business start?

To give you bit of background information to start with, a couple years ago I studied photography at university not with a career in mind, but a love for the subject and capturing beautiful scenes, poses and moments. I didn’t do anything with my degree over the years after university. But last year I got to a point where I was fed up of working for coffee shops, waitressing and bar work. I decided If I was ever going to be happy in my career I would have to make it happen myself.

So I was out one day walking the dog and the idea struck me, I love taking photos and I love animals, dogs in particular so from that moment on Paw Print Photo was born. It took a week or so to finalise the name and logo but since starting I’ve not looked back and every day I make sure I am doing things to progress so I can create an amazing business that people want to be part of and customers want to keep coming back for the amazing experiences.

  • What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

To be an entrepreneur it takes a lot of motivation, self belief and strength. Motivation to get up everyday even if it’s raining and you want to stay in bed all day, motivation to stick to a plan and make sure you do everything possible to reach your goals and go beyond. Self belief because without that you’ll constantly be doubting yourself which isn’t helpful. The difference between being self employed and being an employee is that you won’t get a pat on the back after you’ve finished a major product, you have to reward yourself! And finally strength because it takes a lot to persist in many ways, having the confidence to talk to people, to keep going when people might put you down, money might run out, you might fall ill, but you have to overcome all this to be successful.

  • Talk us through the process of creating your products

At Paw Print Photo we have 2 products, we have the experience (the photo shoot) and the final photo box. Throughout this whole process the customer is always in the front of my mind. Using my skills and their preferences I love to think I can delight the customer and put a great big smile on their face when they see the final photos of their most loved dog(s)!

  • What makes your business special?

I like to think that there is nobody else in my area that is providing the services that I provide! Sure, you can go on Google and type in - Location, dog photography and lot’s of websites and established people that will come up. But are they offering bespoke customised photo packages with the flexibility and the care that Paw Print offer? I don’t know the answer for a fact but I like to think we’re pretty special and unique in the area of London, Kent.

Thanks so much to MisHelenEous for having me and there may even be some exciting collaboration projects coming up in the future, so keep your eyes open for that! - Thank you, Megan @Paw Print Photo

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