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Made In Manchester

Thrilled to have a Post on the MancMade Website! You can read it here: or by clicking on the image above.

The MancMade logo with a bee motif

MancMade is run by Paul (Better Call Paul) and he works tirelessly to promote and support all creative ventures in and around Manchester on social media. The MancMade Website has been nominated in the Talk Of Manchester Awards (Toms) and a win would be thoroughly deserved so vote for it here!

Border terrier wearing a bee print motif dog bandana
Heidi in a Buzzin Accessory Made in Manchester

That's Heidi above not Helen, but you knew that. Support your Local Small Businesses and we'll be both thoroughly bee-lighted! Find our handmade Gifts for Home and Hound in either my Etsy or nuMONDAY Shops or contact me directly for bespoke orders.


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