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New nuMONDAY Store

Introducing my new online store at UK based host nuMONDAY
New nuMONDAY Store

Introducing MisHelenEous at my NEW nuMONDAY Online Store. You can find all my Handmade Gifts for Home & Hound here now and I can still accommodate all your usual, and unusual, Bespoke and Custom Made orders too. Based in Glasgow in the UK this online selling platform offers National and International shipping. If you really want to support Small Business then shop us via because more of your spend goes to the actual Maker!

A screenshot of my products arranged in my new online store at nuMONDAY
nuMONDAY Store

My prices have had to increase in my Etsy Shop during July, due to their recent hike in commission and Shipping fees for Sellers. But you can get your paws on MisHelenEous Gifts at the prices they were before in my nuMONDAY Store now!

The numONDAY Logo badge which is a white segmented heart on a pink square background
nuMONDAY Logo Badge

Wherever you see the white segmented heart on the pink square background Logo Badge on my website just click it to be taken straight to my NEW nuMONDAY Store. Happy Shopping!

The written nuMONDAY Logo in pink text on white background


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