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Heidi's Sporting Heroes

Sir Steve Redgrave aka Heidi

Heidi is launching the MisHelenEous 3 year small business anniversary competition by dressing up as Sir Steve Redgrave winning his record breaking gold medal tally at the Sydney Olympics. To celebrate this year of sport which includes the Rio Olympics and Euro 2016 we are having a bit of fun with a giveaway. There are three prizes up for grabs: Team Red, Team Blue, And Team White.

I have created a pinterest board for all entries and the competition is open to all my Twitter and Instagram followers whichever country they may be in.

Tweet or send me a picture of you or your pet dressed as your Favourite Sporting Hero or Favourite Sporting Moment and tell me why. Tag @mishelenous in your photos and use the hashtag #HeidisSportingHeroes

The prizes are as described below. Team Red wins their choice of a bag charm and extra misheleneous goodies. Team Blue wins a keyring of their choice plus extra misheleneous goodies. Team White wins a brooch of their choice plus extra misheleneous goodies. all prizes from my existing felt kennel, strictly no bespoke requests.

MisHelenEous Team Prizes

Below are some of the brooches I make and these are the choices on the Team White prize

Brooch Prizes

Below are just some of the breeds I make as bag charms and keyrings. There are well over 30 different breeds to choose from now! Your choice of one of these for the Team Red and Team Blue Prizes.

Keyring and Bag Charm Prizes

Giveaway Competition Prizes

In honour of my red, white and blue team prizes, my Made in Britain member status and my recent rebranding in those colours I have created some patriotic Union Jack Border terrier bag charms and keyrings! Available in Red Grizzle and Blue and Tan designs. All flying the union flag!

Team Red Grizzle

Team Blue and Tan

Good luck to all who enter and get your sporty thinking caps on! Closes June 4th 2016.

Instagram Competition

Twitter Competition

So the competition lasted the merry month of May and it was a fantastic way to celebrate my 3 year small business anniversary! Over 40 entries to choose from which are all featured on the Pinterest Board #hedissportingheroes Competition at

Below are my three winners of the Team Red, Team Blue and Team White prizes.

The Winner of Team Red was @thedottydogco of Twitter and Instagram with her most excellent entry of Paula Radcliffe who Dotty the Border Terrier's mum Emma went to the same school as! The attention to detail is just brilliant. Well done Dotty and Emma.

@thedottydogco with Paula Radcliffe

Dotty and Emma chose a Red Grizzle handmade Border Terrier bag charm as their Team Red prize plus a few little extras from

Team Red prize for @thedottydogco

The Team Blue prize winner was @ziggykier from Instagram and Twitter and despite having two beautiful dogs themselves they allowed little Lexy the Hamster to shine as Dutch weightlifting hero Ingrid Teeuwen! Its not often you get to see a weightlifting hamster in your life and mine has been made all the better for it! Again the attention to detail is superb and includes a little mirror. Well done Kirsten and Lexy.

@ziggykier with Ingrid Teeuwen

@ziggykier Kirsten and Lexy chose a Red Grizzle handmade Border Terrier keyring as their Team Blue prize plus a few extras from

Team Blue prize winner @ziggykier

The Team White Winner was @Monty_BTerrier of Twitter and his entry of Eddie the Eagle, a local Gloucestershire sporting hero. The ski goggles on Monty's head and the little laminated Calgary 1984 Winter Olympics sign are priceless. Well done Carole and Monty!

@Monty-BTerrier with Eddie the Eagle

@Monty_BTerrier chose a handmade blue and tan border terrier brooch as his Team White prize plus some extras from

@Monty_BTerrier Team White winner

Heidi also chose 4 Runners Up in her #heidissportingheroes competition and they are pictured below. @GeorgieChicken of Twitter with Georgie as swimmer Rebecca Addlington. @HappyDays7 with Skye as champion Team GB diver Tom Daley. @AmberBluebelle with Amber as cyclist 'Bark' Mark Cavendish. And @LynnieYankee with Hamish as ice dance champion Jane Torvil doing Bolero! They all received one of Heidi's new acrylic dog collar dog tags as mini winner's medals. Well done everyone who entered, it was so hard to choose!

Runners Up!

The four runners up received one of these new design dog tags that are new to my Etsy shop after an artistic collaboration with @boobooandTed

Runners Up medals!

I'd like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all who entered my #HeidisSportingHeroes Competition.

Thank You!

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