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Heidi BlueBell

As of the 6th July 2015 MisHelenEous has a new recruit. Meet Heidi Bluebell, our latest little Border Terrier, and Whiskey's 'apprentice'. A bit small yet for bandana modelling duties but she's growing fast! Those of you who have follwed us on social medias Twitter & Instagram, will know how much this means to us after losing our beloved Whiskey in January of this year. She is helping us to focus on a new start personally and professionally. Both our girls have recently appeared in a lovely Blog by Jessica Jackson, a fellow Mancunian and supporter of small Handmade Businesses and Etsy Sellers, you can read about them here: http://thriftybloggeruk.com/2015/08/17/misheleneous-handmade/ Heidi B

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