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Heidi BlueBell

As of the 6th July 2015 MisHelenEous has a new recruit. Meet Heidi Bluebell, our latest little Border Terrier, and Whiskey's 'apprentice'. A bit small yet for bandana modelling duties but she's growing fast! Those of you who have follwed us on social medias Twitter & Instagram, will know how much this means to us after losing our beloved Whiskey in January of this year. She is helping us to focus on a new start personally and professionally.

Both our girls have recently appeared in a lovely Blog by Jessica Jackson, a fellow Mancunian and supporter of small Handmade Businesses and Etsy Sellers, you can read about them here:

Heidi Bluebell. Her pet name is Heidi and her Kennel Club name is Bluebell. She chose us by sitting on the opposite foot of mine that whiskey used to and then by climbing into my lap for a cuddle. When we then found out what her name was the decision was made. Our favourite picture of Whiskey is the one where she is sat amonst the Bluebell woods of Heaton Park, Prestwich, Manchester. And is also my phone lock screen. From a wonderful breeder in Wigan (like Hacker from CBBC!) we're hoping she settles into her new life with us and that we have many happy years to come with her. She seems to be finding her paws ok and is growing fast, pictured here chewing a nylabone sent to her by Jo and Dougal to save our furniture!

Thrifty Blogger UK. featuring MisHelenEous

Jessica Jackson has written a lovely blog about my Handmade Gifts for Home & Hound and I'm thrilled to share it with you. This is one of Jessica's photographs from the post. The article features a few of the items I make for those who love dogs and those who dont! Including GBBO inspired felt keyrings and vintage style knitted Rose brooches. And also my NEW Made to Order, bespoke Bernese Mountain dog keyrings and bagcharms.

Another of Jessica's photographs from the blog post featuring my Bernese Mountain Dog bag charm. These are a Made to Order only design in my Etsy shop

I also do full body Bernese Mountain dog bag charm designs Made To Order only. Contact me if you have any special requests or via my Etsy shop.

Admittedly we havent had much of a British Summer this year but these pretty knitted rose brooches would make an ideal addition to any (waterproof!) coat or jacket this year. Great for those allergic to real flowers too. Available from my Etsy Shop.

And finally with a new series of GBBO upon us these felt cupcake keyrings without the calories, make sweet summer gifts. Also find them in my Etsy Shop. The handmade items I make totally reflect the things I love most in life!

Not to be outdone by Heidi I'm delighted to include a blog by Italian Website Vanity Pets who recently featured Whiskey with the simple message 'Now they are talking about you in Italy!' For Italian readers you can find the lovely blog post here:

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